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How I Wish! We Could Customise Our Present For Our Future

This is my first blog and I am already struggling with what I should write about. Not that I am short of ideas, but I would rather say, I have so many things to write about that I am seriously overwhelmed. But looking at my daughter frolicking around playing with her toys and busy in her beautiful world, I get this sudden bout of mixed feelings of happiness, pride, fear, and hope.

I am happy that she is born in a time, where not only boys but girls too have the freedom of choice.

I am happy that she is born in a time, where it doesn’t matter whom you love.

I am happy that she is born in a time, where women no longer need anyone to depend on, she can go out and earn her living with dignity and pride and her flight is not restricted by dogmas - personal or professional.

I am happy she is born in a time when people are not afraid of speaking their minds and are not scared of facing hardships on the path to get justice.

I am happy she is born in a time, when humans seek the truth of their existence through all the resources available at their disposal with no bias - be it science, spirituality, religion. We are on the path to realise the importance of mutual existence, symbiosis, and harmony.

I am happy she is born in a time where we are growing sensitive to our surroundings and nature and striving to make not only our planet but this world a better place.

I am proud of all the parents who break the chains of their orthodox upbringing and encourage their children to spread their wings and fly.

I am proud of the time where knowledge is not only about rote learning and a medium to earn money, but to familiarise oneself with facts or truth through study, investigation, and research.

I am afraid of this time because no matter how positive we would like to feel about our present, the mere complacency, ignorance, selfishness, viciousness of some of us are always trying to undo the good in the world and us as human beings.

I hope we live in a time where every one of us realise the good in us, embrace our childlike innocence, hit the accelerator of our eternal desire to seek the truth, get rid of all the negativity and evilness we all have within and shine the light of knowledge in our heart.

I hope we all get over the fear of failure and instead of being apprehensive and feeling distressed about it; we embrace it with all the respect and adulation it deserves, as, without it, we can never taste success, and gather all the courage we have to stand up and fight again.

I hope along with chasing our dreams, we can make time to spend with our loved ones and cherish every moment we spend together.

How I wish! We could customise our present with all the amazing, positive, inspirational aspects of life and make this world a beautiful place to live, love, and share.

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